This Mystery of 2 French Signs In Chow Kit Spark A Twitter-led Investigation

On 27 January, 2023, Twitter user @amirulruslan uploaded a rather inquisitive tweet on a long-time question the user has had on their mind, for ‘years’:

The TLDR? For a long period of time, these two French signs plated ‘Rue de Rivoli’, and ‘Rue Assalit’ have hung in a back alley of Chow Kit, and we have no idea why.

For those unfamiliar, Chow Kit is a district in the center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and can be recognized as a red-light district within the city.

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The mystery continues, as @amirulruslan contextualizes the scene a little further.For example, the signs have been there since ‘at least 2013‘, is within the ‘intersection of two back alleys‘, and that those alleys are ‘surprisingly well lit midnight! You can scroll through the whole thread here.

As with any popular Twitter thread, conversations have surfaced with @amirulruslan’s venture into mystery. Tweets suggesting theories, and suggestions on how to find out more about the signage are what follows:

The mystery persists, and so does the investigations that come with it.But, if you have any inkling on the : Just hit @amirulruslan up, and solve the mystery that’s leaving many Malaysians wondering.

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