Watch as 2 Lions Fight and Crash Into a Car at an Indonesian Safari Park

Imagine enjoying the sights at a safari park when all of a sudden you hear a thundering crash.

As you turn around to look, you realize two lions are fighting for supremacy and your car has become collateral damage.

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This is what Instagram user youkopi107 recently experienced on February 10, 2023 when he recorded two lions, possibly in heat, battling it out with one of them crashing into a car.

“LION at Prigen Park Hits Visitor’s Car,” the caption on the video reads.

The owner of the car later took to Twitter to share the extent of the damage.

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“Btw….this is the result of being hit by a fighting lion….to be honest I don’t want to make ……I don’t want to shake hands🤣” their tweet reads.

To be honest, we feel the same too! Glad no humans were hurt.

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