Angad Introduces Geeta As His Wife In 2023

Angad Introduces Geeta As His Wife In 2023
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Angad Introduces Geeta as his Wife in 2023

The Couple’s Love Story

It all started in 2021 when Angad and Geeta first met at a mutual friend’s party. They instantly clicked and started talking and soon realized that they had a lot in common. They started seeing each other and spending time together, forming a strong bond. As time passed, their feelings for each other deepened and they decided to take the next step and get married.

The Engagement and Wedding

In 2022, Angad proposed to Geeta and she said yes. The couple then started making all the necessary arrangements for their wedding, which was held in 2023. It was a beautiful day and both families were present at the ceremony, witnessing the happy couple exchange their vows. Everyone was overjoyed and the couple looked stunning together.

Introducing Geeta as the Wife

In 2023, after the wedding ceremony, Angad introduced Geeta as his wife to his family and friends. Everyone was delighted to welcome her into the family and they showered her with gifts and blessings. The couple looked absolutely perfect together and everyone was happy to see them so in love.

Life After the Wedding

After the wedding, Angad and Geeta settled into their new life together and began their journey as husband and wife. They both had successful careers and were able to balance their work with their relationship. They both had a lot of love and respect for each other and their families, which helped them stay strong and united.


Angad and Geeta’s love story is one for the books. It is a reminder that true love does exist and can be found if you are willing to take the time to look for it. They are a perfect example of how two people can come together and create a beautiful life together. We wish them all the best in their future together.

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