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7. If the difficulty is still not resolved, consult with the net Support Information on web page 8. Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic from the working system DVD and comply with the on-display prompts. 15235 driver for windows 7. maxi 247 308 michi. Figure 3-8. Keyboard Latches 5. Gently elevate the keyboard out of its socket and slide it toward the LCD panel. It often works out. Acer ASPIRE ONE NAV50 Drivers Utility saves you time and frustration and works with all drivers such as sound drivers, video drivers, wireless drivers and so on. How does Acer ASPIRE ONE NAV50 Drivers Utility replace drivers in your pc? By November, Vox wrote that 5-Minute Crafts was a “wildly successful” channel, citing its then over 10 billion video views and its ranking as the fifth most-subscribed channel on YouTube, having almost 40 million subscribers at the time. Page 154 4. Turn the computer over to acces the base side of the lower case meeting. Page 145 3. Turn the upper case over. Figure 3-107. Button and Touchpad Cables 4. Turn the pc over to acces the base aspect of the lower case meeting. Hold the facility button for 10 seconds.

Page 95 4. Release the connector latches from the mainboard (1), then disconnect the facility button and touchpad cables (2). Figure 3-17. Button and Touchpad Cables 5. Remove the four screws securing the upper case to the lower case assembly. Figure 3-98. Button Board 2. Secure the button board to the higher case utilizing one screw. Removing the Palmrest Module/Upper Case 1. Perform the “External Module Disassembly Process” procedures described on pages to 3-12. 2. Remove the seventeen base side screws securing the upper case to the lower case. Figure 3-45. Speaker Cable 3. Remove the 4 screws securing the Speaker Module to the lower case meeting. Reinstalling the LCD Panel 1. Gently place the LCD panel into the LCD again cowl (1), then insert the LCD cable into the latch situated near the hinge (2). Figure 3-69. LCD Cable 2. Secure the LCD panel to the LCD again cowl utilizing four screws.

Figure 3-111. ODD Bracket Screws Table 3-111. Screws Step Screw Quantity Screw Type ODD Bracket Reassembly M2 × L3 4. Gently push the ODD module into the ODD drive bay till the ODD connector latch into place. Figure 3-65. LCD Bracket 2. Secure the left and right LCD brackets to the LCD again cover using six screws. Page 130 3. Insert the cables in the decrease case latches as shown, then safe them to the lower case utilizing adhesive tapes. Reinstalling the Battery Pack 1. Insert the battery pack into its bay till it latches into place. In 1959, the financial institution hired Tannenbaum once more to redesign the bottom two tales of the facade in 1959, changing the original cladding with a glass and grey-marble insert. Page 141 3. Plug the 2 (2) antenna cables to the WLAN module. Page 149 3. Connect the ability button and touchpad cables to the mainboard (1), then press the connector latches (2) till they lock into place. Removing the Speaker Module 1. Perform the “Removing the Mainboard” procedure described on page 3-29. 2. Detach the speaker cables from decrease case assembly.

Page 113 4. Gently elevate the Speaker Module and detach it from the decrease case meeting. Removing the DIMM Cover 1. Perform the “Removing the Battery Pack” process described on web page 3-9. 2. Remove the 2 screws securing the DIMM cover to the decrease case meeting. Page 91 5. Remove the two screws securing the ODD module to the bracket. Figure 3-12. ODD Bracket Screws Table 3-12. Screws Step Screw Quantity Screw Type ODD Bracket Disassembly M2 × L3 6. Detach the bracket from the module. Page 151 3. Secure the ODD module to the bracket using two screws. Page 89 4. Use a non-marring flat-blade screwdriver to push the latches on the top aspect of the keyboard. Removing the Keyboard Important: The keyboard is well warped or damaged in the course of the removing course of. Main Unit Reassembly Process Reinstalling the LCD Module 1. Place the LCD module into its socket within the lower case. 2. Connect the cable to the mainboard (1), then press the connector latch (2) till it locks into place. Reinstalling the HDD Module 1. Connect the HDD cable to the HDD module. Removing the ODD Module 1. Perform the “Removing the Keyboard” procedure described on page 3-12. 2. Remove the screw securing the ODD module to the higher case assembly.

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