Father Of Biology And Zoology: Aristotle

Father Of Biology And Zoology: Aristotle
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Father of Biology and Zoology: Aristotle

The Background of Aristotle

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, born in 384 BC in the city of Stagira in northern Greece. He was the son of a court physician and spent most of his life in Athens. He studied in Plato’s Academy and became one of the most influential and successful philosophers of all time. He wrote over 200 works, which included topics such as ethics, politics, physics, biology, and zoology.

Aristotle’s Contributions to Biology and Zoology

Aristotle was the first Western thinker to write about biology and zoology. He studied the life cycles of plants and animals, and was the first to classify living organisms into species. He also developed the concept of the species as a hierarchy, with humans at the top. He wrote extensively about the anatomy and behavior of animals, and was the first to classify them into various groups, such as mammals, reptiles, insects, and fish. He also wrote about the biology and behavior of humans.

Aristotle’s Impact on Modern Science

Aristotle’s achievements in biology and zoology were groundbreaking, and his influence has been felt ever since. His work on classification of animals and plants helped to lay the foundations for modern taxonomy. He also studied the anatomy of humans and animals, and his work on this subject helped to inspire the development of modern medical science. In addition, his writings about the behavior of animals and humans helped to shape the fields of psychology and sociology.


Aristotle’s contributions to biology and zoology were immense and far-reaching. His writings on the classification of plants and animals, anatomy, and behavior of humans and animals have had a major impact on modern science and have helped to shape the way we understand the world around us. He is rightly remembered as the “Father of Biology and Zoology”.

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