How Many Secondary Groups Are There In Tally?

How Many Secondary Groups Are There In Tally?
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How Many Secondary Groups Are There in Tally?


Tally is a powerful accounting software that is used by many businesses and organizations around the world. It is also a great tool for individuals and small businesses who are just starting out. Tally is a versatile software that can be used to manage finances, track expenses, and generate reports. One of the features of Tally is the ability to create secondary groups in order to better categorize expenses and income.

What Are Secondary Groups?

Secondary groups are a way of further breaking down the main groups in Tally. For example, if you have a sales group, you can create a secondary group to track the different types of sales. This can include retail sales, online sales, and wholesale sales. In addition to tracking sales, secondary groups can also be used to track other expenses and income, such as rent, office supplies, and utilities.

How Many Secondary Groups Can I Create?

The number of secondary groups you can create in Tally is limited only by your imagination. The software allows you to create as many secondary groups as you need, so you can customize the system to meet your specific needs. The only limitation is that each group can only have up to 20 characters, so you need to be creative when coming up with names for your secondary groups.

How Do I Create Secondary Groups?

Creating secondary groups in Tally is easy. All you need to do is log into your Tally account and select the “Create Secondary Groups” option from the menu. From there, you can enter the name of the secondary group, select the type of group it is, and add any additional information you’d like. Once you’ve saved the group, it will appear in the list of main and secondary groups.


Creating secondary groups in Tally is a great way to further categorize your expenses and income. It can help you track your finances more accurately and make sure you’re keeping your books up to date. With the ability to create as many secondary groups as you need, you can easily customize Tally to meet your specific needs. So, how many secondary groups are there in Tally? The answer is up to you.

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