HP Anticipates Bright Future For Digital Labels And Packaging

As an institution in the digital label printing arena, HP is keeping close tabs on the latest trends impacting the industry. From customization and fast turnaround times to sustainability, digital printing remains poised to grow in adoption among label converters.

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With more SKUs on crowded shelves than ever before, differentiation will help brands thrive. Brands are also experimenting with packaging more than ever before, which is advantageous for the digital label converter.

“Without a doubt, the biggest overarching trend driving the market and growth of digital print is mass versioning – the ability to offer high-margin seasonal and special event goods,” explains Haim Levit, senior vice president and general manager, HP Industrial Print. “Consumers are seeking tailored products and prioritizing experiences over products.

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Think about the number of FMCG – such as dairy or beer – products on the shelf today compared to 10 ago. Brands are adapting not just to preferences but also to behaviors as the lines between digital and physical become blurred. In this landscape, print jobs are getting shorter and brands are.

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