I Saw A Jackal In The Field

I Saw A Jackal In The Field
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I Saw a Jackal in the Field

A Surprising Sight

The other day I was out in the field, taking a walk and enjoying the fresh air, when something caught my eye. It was a wild jackal! I was quite surprised to see it, as I hadn’t expected to see a wild animal of any kind. I was even more surprised to see that it wasn’t scared of me and seemed to be quite content to just sit and watch me.

The Jackal’s Demeanor

The jackal didn’t seem to be scared of me as I slowly walked closer and closer to it. In fact, it appeared to be quite calm and even curious about me. I could tell it was a young jackal, as it was smaller than the average adult and seemed to be more interested in me than in escaping. I found this behavior quite strange, as animals in the wild tend to be a bit more skittish. I was both curious and a bit apprehensive as to why it wasn’t running away.

The Jackal’s Motives

I watched the jackal for a few minutes, trying to understand its motives. I wondered if it was trying to get food, or if it was looking for a mate. It seemed to be content just watching me, so I assumed that it wasn’t looking for either of those things. After a few minutes, I decided to take a few steps back, and the jackal didn’t move. I found this behavior even more unusual, as I expected it to run away as soon as I moved.

My Interpretation

After observing the jackal for a few more minutes, I came to the conclusion that it was simply curious about me and wanted to watch me for a bit. This made me think about the human-animal relationship and how we are all connected. We often think of animals as being scared of us, but this experience made me realize that sometimes, animals can be just as curious about us as we are about them.


Seeing a wild jackal in the field was a surprising and unexpected experience. It made me realize that animals are not always scared of us, and that sometimes they can be just as curious about us as we are about them. It also made me appreciate the beauty of nature and the connection between humans and animals.

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