The First Batch Of Indonesian Humaniatarian Missions Have Arrived In Turkiye

​Ankara, Türkiye –  first batch of Indonesian Government’s humanitarian mission for handling post-earthquake in Türkiye, arrived at Adana Airport, Turkiye (12/2). mission was carried out by 2 Indonesian Air Force aircrafts which arrived at two different times. first landing was at 10.05 Turkish Time with B 737-400 carrying 47 Medium Urban SAR BASARNAS (MUSAR Inasar) personnel and light equipment. Meanwhile, second landing at 17.00 Turkish Time with Hercules C-130 carrying heavy equipment and humanitarian aid from the Ministry of Defence.

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“After unloading passengers and cargo, the first plane immediately flew back to Indonesia. While the second plane, after being unloaded, immediately flew to Ankara to rest and change the crew,” explained Colonel Amir Ali Akbar, the Defense Attache assigned by the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara to coordinate the landing of all flight batches.

Upon arrival at Sakirpasa Adana Airport, which is the debarkation center for all humanitarian aid arriving by plane, the Team immediately received an initial briefing by the Indonesian Ambassador to Türkiye, Lalu Muhamad Iqbal, and Mission Coordinator from BNPB, Bambang Surya Putra.

The Turkish Disaster Management Agency (AFAD) provided full support so that the entire landing, permitting, immigration and customs process went smoothly.

1st batch of Indonesian humanitarian mission reaches Türkiye

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Immediately after the landing of the first aircraft, all INASAR personnel immediately headed to the operational area determined by AFAD, namely in Antakya, Hatay Province. Upon arrival in Antakya the INASAR Team immediately coordinated with the UN Office for Humanity in Antakya.

The first wave of Indonesia’s humanitarian mission to deal with the earthquake in Türkiye​ will be followed by the Second Batch on 14 February 2023 and the Third Batch on 19 February 2023.​

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