Indonesian Naval Aircraft Hercules Seconded In Turkiye

The Indonesian government assisted the Turkish Government with the Hercules C-130 transport plane and its crew. The plane that came to to transport SAR equipment and the first batch of humanitarian aid (12/2) had its assignment period extended and was assisted to transport logistics from various areas in to areas affected by the earthquake.

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The aircraft, which has a carrying capacity of 10 tons, will be seconded to until February 20, 2023.

“It was the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia who gave the order for the Hercules aircraft and crew to be seconded to the Turkish side for disaster management.

He understands that in a situation like this, the problem of supply logistics is very critical, and he wants Indonesia to be able to help,” said the Indonesian Ambassador to Turkiye, Lalu Muhamad Iqbal.

“The Turkish side is very grateful. Indonesia is the only country that lends transport aircraft to the Turkish Government,” added Ambassador Iqbal.

While in Turkiye, the aircraft will be based at the Estimesgut Turkish Military Airbase, Ankara.

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“We have immediately coordinated with the Operation Center of the Turkish Air Force to determine the schedule, routes and missions of the aircraft.

What is clear is that the entire crew is fully prepared to carry out a humanitarian mission for our brothers and sisters in Turkiye,” said Flight Colonel Wisoko, Mission Commander of the plane.

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