Japan PM dismisses aide over anti-LGBTQ+ comments

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has dismissed one of his secretaries for homophobic comments that the prime minister called “outrageous”.

Kishida said the remarks by Masayoshi Arai, in which he said he “doesn’t even want to look at” married same-sex couples, were “outrageous” and “incompatible” with an inclusive society the government is aiming for.

“I made the decision to relieve him of his position as secretary,” Kishida told reporters on Saturday.

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On Friday, Arai, an economy and trade who joined Kishida’s staff as a secretary in October, said he “wouldn’t like it if they lived next door” and that people would “abandon the country if we allow same-sex marriage”, according to public broadcaster NHK.

The 55-year-old apologised later, saying his remarks were not appropriate, even if they were his personal opinion.

The dismissal is a further blow to Kishida’s government, which has faced plummeting approval ratings since last year.

Kishida has lost four ministers in just three months, including over allegations of financial irregularities or links to the controversial Unification Church.

Among those who stepped down was Mio Sugita, an internal affairs and communications vice minister, who quit in December over controversial comments about LGBTQ+ people and Japan’s Indigenous Ainu community.

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Japan is the only nation in the Group of Seven industrialised countries not to recognise same-sex marriage, although recent media polls show a majority support such unions.

Arai’s comments had come Kishida had said in parliament that same-sex marriage needed careful consideration because of its potential effect on the family structure.

More than a dozen couples have filed lawsuits in district courts across Japan arguing the ban on same-sex marriage violates the Constitution.

In November last year, a court in Japan’s capital upheld a ban on same-sex marriage but said a lack of legal protection for same-sex families violated their human rights.

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