LEGO Releases 7 Sets To Celebrate New ‘Friends’ Characters

Fans of LEGO Friends will be pleased to know that their favorite toymaker recently released seven brand new sets from its ‘Friends’ lineup.

The sets were released to celebrate the launch of eight new LEGO Friends characters – all of whom come from diverse backgrounds.

The characters – Autumn, Aliya, Leo, Liann, Nova, Olly, Paisley, and Zac – were created to enable more children to feel represented when they play LEGO.

All eight new characters feature multiple skin tones, cultures, physical and non-visible disabilities, and neurodiversity, including limb difference, Down Syndrome, anxiety, vitiligo, and a dog a wheelchair.

The goal behind the re-imagined LEGO Friends Universe intends to help children become better friends to themselves and others by providing emotional and social development through play.

These characters are also beset with modern challenges in the form of passions, obstacles, and differences, all while trying to create friendships. All these characters will appear in the LEGO Friends TV series slated to air in February 2023.

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“Through the new additions into the LEGO Friends universe, we aim to not only inspire children to form diverse and deep friendships but also feel seen and heard through play,” Rohan Mathur, Marketing Director of LEGO Southeast Asia said.

“We are excited to see children interact and build long-lasting relationships with the new LEGO Friends characters, and hope this empowers them to form meaningful relationships in their daily lives too.”

If you’re curious, here are the seven new LEGO Friends sets:

41724 Paisley’s House

41739 Liann’s Room


41733 Mobile Bubble Tea Shop


41731 Heartlake International School


41730 Autumn’s House

41728 Heartlake Downtown Diner

41727 Dog Rescue Center

These sets range from US$33.70 to US$120 and are available at all LEGO Certified Stores online and in-store.

More LEGO fun for Malaysians.

If you’re in Malaysia, from February 15 to 26, 2023 you can bring your little ones to Sunway Pyramid and take part in an exciting lineup of from video screenings and quizzes, to building with the new LEGO Friends sets.

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Can’t make it? That’s all right, because from March 2 to 12, kids can also look forward to a series of exciting LEGO Friends at Sunway Velocity Mall.

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