Malaysian Aquarium Ushers In Year Of The Water Rabbit With Underwater Lion Dance

As we approach the Lunar New Year, Malaysian are innovating new ways to celebrate this cultural event; there’s the Netflix-assigned elemental zodiac chart, and even ways to rehash your with WhatsApp per commencing the lunar year.

Adding to the unique mix of ways to celebrate, is this local aquarium’s GONG SEA BUNNIES showcase.

Aquaria KlCC took to their Instagram to officiate their Lunar New Year ceremonies: including a series of performances, redemptions – and, even ‘New Year Greetings’ from otters?

In conjunction to GONG SEE BUNNIES, Aquaria is also turning heads for this specific performance line-up, that takes the cake for the most ‘interesting’ effort per Lunar New Year celebration.

Yes, that’s a traditional Lion performance, underwater!

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According to FMT, scuba divers wearing ‘a multicolored lion suit performed in one of the tanks at Aquaria KLCC, as musicians played cymbals and drums outside’.

‘To undertake the tricky task, the divers get special training and use suits light enough for them to perform in while underwater.’

‘Aquaria KLCC has put on the underwater several times in recent years.’

Additionally, there is a ‘Feeding Session with God of Prosperity’, a walkabout session in which Aquaria visitors interact with both, the marine life and a special guest of the aquarium’s:

Aquaria’s GONG SEA BUNNIES celebration kicked off on January 16, 2023, until 5 February, 2023.

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