Malaysians: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Touch ‘N Go Visa Card

If you didnt’t already know: Touch ‘n Go is an electronic payment system vastly used Malaysians countrywide.

These payments are done when utilizing Malaysian toll expressways, highways, parking spaces, and even public transportation like buses and trains. Purchases like food, travel, and shopping can be paid via Touch ‘n Go, through an e-wallet service that works outside of banking systems – Think pocket money!

Usually, Malaysians attach their Touch ‘n Go accounts in credit card-sized smart cards specific for these purposes. However, the Philips’ MIFARE Classic microchip technology is also embedded within local Identification Cards (IC), that can be topped-up all the same.

Nevertheless, Touch ‘n Go is looking to expand their market. This time, with an exclusive Touch ‘n Go Visa card!

This new Touch ‘n Go Visa option per the catalog of other Touch ‘n Go mediums, was primarily announced October 2021, but was only released to the public January 2023.

There’s obviously a whole new bunch of questions, as the Touch ‘n Go Visa option itself is new; but fret not! Mashable will try to walk you through as much ground as we can on the topic:

What exactly is the Touch ‘n Go Visa?

According to the Touch ‘n Go official website, the Touch ‘n Go Visa is defined as ‘a secure and convenient extension of your eWallet‘. Additionally, one ‘that you can use anywhere in the world‘.

The Touch ‘n Go Visa is the country’s first option toward a numberless card. This means that there aren’t any digits attached to the front or back of the physical cards, however these numbers are accessible via your account on their mobile app.

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Nevertheless, Touch ‘n Go Visa is still attached to the global payment service provider, Visa.

It’s directly controlled through your eWallet on the Touch ‘n Go app. You can lock it, and unlock access for autonomy over your finances. The balance of your card will also be attached to the eWallet of your account.

Simply put: It’s a card with money you can store inside, pay things with, but without the direct attachment of a banking system or banks involved.

Where can I use the Touch ‘n Go Visa?

The Touch ‘n Go Visa can be used in any establishment that offers payment via Visa. So, you can tap through online, and retail purchases both locally AND internationally.

It also offers a worldwide ATM use, so you can use it easily for cash withdrawal too.

What about public transport systems? Toll expressways, and highways?

There really isn’t any easy way to tell you this. But, no.

In conjunction to their partnership with Visa, we are guessing the intention of the card was to exercise only Visa-related transactions, which exclude mobility fees.

Why does the card look like that?

Touch ‘n Go’s Visa card was designed to incorporate the artwork of Damien Wong, an artist under United Voice, an advocacy group on understanding persons with learning disabilities, and how to support them.

Per their Instagram post on the subject, the design consists of ‘splashes of colors in blue, green, and yellow’. It depicts Damien’s perception of the world – ‘In my eyes, this is how the world looks like to me, a splash of colours’.

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Additionally, with every purchase of the Touch ‘n Go Visa card, RM2(US$0.46) is contributed to United Voice.


If this is your general reaction to the Touch ‘n Go Visa card, then you aren’t alone.

Almost instantaneously after news broke out, Twitter users have been expressing their opinion on the subject.

In translation: One NFC (Near Field Communication) card, one other prepaid Visa. Both from the same company. Sometimes, it’s as if we are being used for money. I hope @AlexNantaLinggi and, @anthonyloke can surveill these topics completely.

Screengrab. Source: @syafulizwan/Twitter.

In translation: In Singapore public transport can already use Visa card. Easy, and simple. Time to stop the monopoly of Touch ‘n Go.

In translation: Touch ‘n Go has three different cards now. TNG Visa, TNG NFC, TNG IC (for public transport). (They are) supposed to lessen the cards, encourage eWallets, but TNG is doing the reverse.

How do I apply for the Touch ‘n Go Visa?

Easy! You can directly apply on the Touch ‘n Go mobile application.

Scroll a little more under the Touch ‘n Go Visa section of the Touch ‘n Go website, and you’ll find the steps to both apply, and activate your card.

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The catch: There is a current RM5(US$1.16) charge for delivery.

Source: Touch ‘n Go.

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