The Morning After: Microsoft expands ‘multibillion dollar’ deal with OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT

Microsoft is making a “multibillion-dollar” investment that will lead to wider uses of OpenAI’s technology, as well as more robust behind--scenes support. Microsoft has launched OpenAI-powered , like natural language programming and a DALL-E 2 graphic design tool.


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OpenAI uses Microsoft’s infrastructure to train its best-known systems, including DALL-E 2 and popular ChatGPT bot. ChatGPT is coming to Azure soon. However, don’t expect anyone to see ChatGPT in Bing – at least not yet. expansion help Microsoft seize a competitive advantage. Google reportedly sees ChatGPT as a threat to its search business,

The versatile AI chatbot is having a surge in popularity. The existing version already had more than one million users around December 2022. That’s probably grown, too – and Microsoft wouldn’t mind a piece of that.

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