Malaysia’s JAKIM Reminds Muslims Once Again To Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Islam, celebrating Valentine’s Day is pretty much a no-n0, and this has once again been relayed to local Muslims in Malaysia by the country’s Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) on social media.

On Facebook, the body uploaded a graphic that reminded Malaysian adherents of the faith that “Valentine’s Day isn’t part of the culture of Islam”, and that the celebration has never been endorsed any context of the .

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“Islam has never prohibited romantic love as long as it does not contradict religious law,” the graphic said, before going on to quote a saying by the Prophet Muhammad that “if anyone resembles a race, then he/she is part of that race”, a reminder for Muslims to refrain from getting too absorbed cultures and practices outside of Islam.

Women shout slogans for the anti-Valentine's Day Campaign, near Kuala Lumpur on 11 February 2011

Such warnings against celebrating Valentine’s Day — while seemingly overzealous — understandably stem from a strong belief that romantic love beyond the confines of marriage is strictly forbidden, hence why such an event such as Valentine’s day is frowned upon by ardent followers of Islam.

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