So, There’s Now a Nasi Goreng-Flavored Twisties…

There’s really no such thing as a weird flavor when it comes to snacks these days, although some companies still believe in introducing some pretty unusual taste combos to different degrees of success.

Now, Twisties has come up with a new Nasi Goreng Berasap flavor promises consumers the spicy smack of a plate of hot fried rice ( style, of course) coupled with the familiar crunch ’s become a trademark of the famous corn snack.

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If you dig into a pack, Twisties says that you should expect the smokiness and aroma of nasi goreng plus rich, creamy hints of a sunny-side-up fried egg (telur mata), adding that it’s never been easier to satisfy your nasi goreng cravings.

Along with the new flavor, the brand is pushing on with its #EmbraceYourGoreng campaign, which is a spin on its original “Embrace Your Twists” tagline that focuses on getting to stand out with their uniqueness.

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And aside from the Nasi Goreng Berasap flavor, there’s also BBQ Curry, Cheddar Cheese, and Chicken and Cherry Tomato, although it’s obvious that will be most curious about the highlighted Nasi Goreng one — with many sure to try it out just to see if it works as a flavor for Twisties.

If you read all of this and are now somehow feeling peckish, you can order the Nasi Goreng Berasap-flavored Twisties from the official Mondelez Shopee or Lazada stores.

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