Pepsi And Cristiano Ronaldo – A Winning Combination

Pepsi And Cristiano Ronaldo – A Winning Combination
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Pepsi and Cristiano Ronaldo – A Winning Combination

The History of Pepsi and Ronaldo

Pepsi and Cristiano Ronaldo have a long and successful history together. The two first teamed up in 2003, with Ronaldo signing as a spokesperson for Pepsi. Since then, Pepsi and Ronaldo have gone on to become one of the most successful partnerships in sports and advertising history. Throughout the years, Pepsi and Ronaldo have released numerous campaigns, videos, and commercials that have been seen by millions of people around the world.

The Latest Pepsi Campaign with Ronaldo

In 2021, Pepsi and Ronaldo released the “Love It Live It” campaign. The campaign features Ronaldo and features a song that was created by him and his longtime collaborator, DJ Khaled. The video for the campaign was released on YouTube and has since been viewed over 100 million times. The campaign is Pepsi’s latest effort to reach out to its younger demographic, with Ronaldo as the perfect ambassador for the brand.

The Impact of Ronaldo on Pepsi

Since 2003, Ronaldo has had a significant impact on Pepsi’s brand. He is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world and his presence has allowed Pepsi to reach out to a new audience. His success and international appeal have allowed Pepsi to expand its marketing efforts and reach new heights. The success of the “Love It Live It” campaign is just one example of how Ronaldo has been able to help Pepsi grow and succeed.

The Future of Pepsi and Ronaldo

It is clear that Pepsi and Ronaldo have been able to build a strong and successful partnership. Both parties have benefited from this relationship, with Pepsi gaining greater exposure and Ronaldo increasing his brand recognition. It is likely that this partnership will continue in the future, with both brands continuing to benefit from their relationship. As Ronaldo continues to be one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, Pepsi will continue to use him as an ambassador for their brand.


The relationship between Pepsi and Cristiano Ronaldo has been incredibly successful. It has allowed both brands to reach out to new audiences, while also increasing their brand recognition. We can expect this partnership to continue into the future, as both brands continue to benefit from the presence of Ronaldo. With Pepsi and Ronaldo working together, we can expect to see great things in the future.

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