Purchasing Goods From Ram: How To Write The Journal Entry

Purchasing Goods From Ram: How To Write The Journal Entry
Enter the following transactions in the Journal of Ram Q.1 to Q.3 from touch4career.com

Purchasing Goods from Ram: How to Write the Journal Entry


Purchasing goods from Ram is an important part of maintaining accurate financial records. In order to correctly record the transaction, you must record it in the journal entry. This article will explain the journal entry process and provide an example of how to do it.

What is a Journal Entry?

A journal entry is an accounting document that records the details of a transaction. It is used to track the movement of money in and out of a business. The journal entry includes the date of the transaction, the accounts that are affected, the amount of money exchanged, and any other relevant information.

Purchasing Goods from Ram Journal Entry

When you purchase goods from Ram, the journal entry will look something like this:

Date: 20XX-XX-XX

Account: Cash

Debit: X Amount

Credit: Inventory

Explanation of the Journal Entry

The journal entry for purchasing goods from Ram is relatively straightforward. The date of the transaction is recorded in the date column. The cash account is debited for the amount paid for the goods. The inventory account is credited for the same amount.


Purchasing goods from Ram is a simple transaction that can be recorded in the journal entry. By understanding the process and recording the information correctly, you can ensure that your financial records are accurate.

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