Could this router help you avoid the looming Netflix password crackdown?

For Netflix users like me, the Netflix password crackdown is going to be a in the backside: I co-parent, so my kids use the same account (mine) here and in their other home. Under the new regime, which we expect to come into force March, I’ll need to pay extra for that.

The same applies to people who work away from home and use their home Netflix account in their downtime, and various others who aren’t trying to break the rules: after all, not so long ago account sharing was one of the key selling points of the service.

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So I’m fascinated this post on the tech site (opens in new tab), which details a workaround for many Asus routers. The post is in Spanish and the URL doesn’t work properly in Google Translate, but if you don’t read Spanish you can copy and paste the text and translate it that way.

It’s important to understand the downsides of this too. It’s probably against Netflix’s terms and conditions, and it also means that the devices accessing your router can potentially use connected hardware in your home, such as your printer. And for as long as they’re connected, all their traffic is going through your broadband connection. The site’s recommendation is that users only use the VPN when they actually need to, which reduces the risk and the stress on your network. But if you don’t mind fiddling with your router’s configuration, it could solve what’s likely to be a pretty annoying problem.

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