Sabah Island Jetty Full Of Students Collapsed Midway In The Water, Here’s Why People Are Mad

On 30 January, 2023, a Reddit post on r/Malaysia embedded a video, showing a group of students in chaos after the island jetty they were on collapsed:

The video has gone viral since, and the internet is filled with commentary attached to the incident. On the initial Reddit post, Malaysians swarm the thread with their response to the situation:

According to Berita Harian, the incident had happened on the morning the Reddit post was uploaded, at the Pababag Island in Semporna, Sabah. Additionally, the children involved were students of the school within the district.

Semporna UMNO Chairman, Abdul Manan Indanan, says that his team were told of the incident, reporting that the students, and teachers involved are safe.

‘The teachers that were within the proximity of the event, eventually plunged in to save their students. Thankfully, the students and teachers are safe’.

He also confirms that he has informed relevant ministers on the situation.

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As with the viral video making rounds on the internet, Twitter users have also emerged to chip in their two cents per a tweet resharing the video:

Dpt dri group ws. Siannya budak-budak sekolah 😭. Semoga semuanya selamat dan baik-baik jer. Semoga Allah balas jihad dorang dgn masa depan yg baik 😢.

— Jonathan (@jonjonahah) January 30, 2023

In : ‘Got this from a Whatsapp group. Pity the schoolchildren. Hope everyone is safe, and everything is just fine. Hope God repays their struggles with a bright future’

Of courser, netizens have taken to the initial tweet to gather their responses:

In :

‘Curse those who are crooked, and corrupted. They live easily, while the citizens are victims.’

‘Really sad to see the children of Sabah, and Sarawak like this. Essential needs within the region are very little. Feel very idle because we are living with enough here. Only during election season, do people go there. After, they disappear’

‘The ones with power there must responsible, all those teachers and students don’t deserve this, they deserve better facilities (and life)! Hope everything is safe, and fine 🤲🏽’

‘I pity them. The damage on all their schoolbooks 😭, it is 2023, why do students have to go through these things 😭’

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Here at Mashable SEA, we extend our well wishes, to the students and teachers involved.

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