Southernmost Point Of India – A Guide To The Tip Of India

Southernmost Point Of India – A Guide To The Tip Of India
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Southernmost Point of India – A Guide to the Tip of India

The Location of the Southernmost Tip of India

In 2023, the southernmost tip of India is the small town of Kanyakumari, located in the southernmost state of Tamil Nadu. The town is renowned for its temples, beaches and scenic beauty. The southernmost point of India is the confluence of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. It is also known as the ‘Land’s End’ as it is the last point of the Indian mainland. The town is also known for its Vivekananda Rock Memorial, which is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Reaching the Southernmost Tip of India

Kanyakumari is well connected to the rest of India by air, rail and road. The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport, which is about 80 kms away from the town. Kanyakumari is also the last station of the southern railway line, making it easily accessible by train. There are regular bus services to and from Kanyakumari, making it easy to reach by road as well.

Things to Do at the Southernmost Tip of India

Visiting the Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a must when visiting Kanyakumari. This memorial was built in memory of the great Indian Saint and Philosopher, Swami Vivekananda. There is also the Gandhi Memorial, dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, which is located close to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. Tourists can take a boat to the memorial and get a spectacular view of the sea, rocks and islands. Other attractions include the Kanyakumari Temple, the Kanyakumari Beach and the Thiruvalluvar Statue.

A Few Tips for Visiting Kanyakumari

The months from October to March are the best time to visit Kanyakumari. The weather is pleasant during this period and the view of the sea is spectacular. Tourists should also take care to dress modestly when visiting the temples in the town. The town is known for its delicious South Indian cuisine and is a great place to sample some local delicacies.

In Conclusion

Kanyakumari is a beautiful town, located at the southernmost tip of India. It is known for its beaches, temples and scenic beauty. Tourists can visit the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Gandhi Memorial and the Thiruvalluvar Statue, among other attractions. The months from October to March are the best time to visit Kanyakumari, when the weather is pleasant and the view of the sea is spectacular.

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