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Borg, TikTok, and the Online Spectacle of Gen Z

When a group of college students wielding borgs — gallon water jugs filled with a delectable combination of water, vodka, and Mio — graced my FYP, I was confused. I clicked into the account that posted the video and was surprised to find that they didn’t attend my alma mater, …

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What Is A Modulus Operator And How Can It Be Applied?

PPT Mapping down to 0,, M 1 PowerPoint Presentation, free from www.slideserve.com What is a Modulus Operator and How Can It Be Applied? The modulus operator is a mathematical function that is used to determine the remainder of a division between two numbers. This is an important concept in computing …

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Indonesian video-on-demand films take world by storm

When Netflix announced the exclusive production of seven Indonesian films and series in September 2022, few expected overnight success. But by the end of the year, the Big Four by Timo Tjahjanto, the first film in the series, had become one of the video-on-demand giant’s most-watched films not in the …

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