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Lebanon’s abandoned children are coming home

On the morning of June 3, 41-year-old Sammy B was mindlessly scrolling through emails at his home in Montreal, Canada, when he spotted a message that would upend life as he knew it. “Hello Sammy, I was born in Lebanon in 1981 and I live in France. A brother!!?? I …

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Blinken postpones visit to China because of balloon over US

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed a visit to China, the United States government has confirmed, calling the presence of an alleged Chinese spy balloon in American airspace an “unacceptable” violation of its sovereignty. A  senior Department of State official said on Friday that “conditions are not right” for …

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Best Laptop Gaming Under 10 Million In 2023

Laptop Gaming Acer dibawah 10 Juta Pemmzchannel from pemmzchannel.com Best Laptop Gaming Under 10 Million in 2023 Introduction The gaming industry has grown rapidly in the last few years and it has become increasingly popular. As the demand for gaming laptops increases, the prices of these laptops have gone down …

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