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The Morning After: Will AI be your next lawyer?

In a new study, University of Minnesota law professors used ChatGPT AI chatbot to answer graduate exams at four courses in their school. The AI passed all four, but with an average grade of C+. The University of Minnesota group noted ChatGPT was good at addressing “basic legal rules” and …

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The Morning After: Microsoft expands ‘multibillion dollar’ deal with OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT

Microsoft is making a “multibillion-dollar” investment that will lead to wider uses of OpenAI’s technology, as well as more robust behind-the-scenes support. Microsoft has launched OpenAI-powered features, like natural language programming and a DALL-E 2 graphic design tool.   Read Also : 9 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes We’ve Tasted (2022): Gifting, Fresh, …

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Chai Ke Sath G Kaise Badalta Hai?

Chai Ke Sath Good Morning andre from andre-blog1.blogspot.com Chai Ke Sath G Kaise Badalta Hai? Chai ke sath g kaise badalta hai, yah ek bahut hee aam sawaal hai. Kya aapko pata hai ki chai ke sath g kya hai? Ya phir aapko iska matlab pata hai? Agar nahi, toh …

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