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A US Reporter Was Shot Dead While Covering The War In Ukraine

Brent Renaud, an award-winning American video journalist who had been covering Russia’s war against Ukraine, was shot dead Sunday near Kyiv, according to local police and witnesses. Renaud, 50, and another reporter came under gunfire in Irpin, a suburb north of the capital, according to Kyiv Regional Police Chief Andriy …

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Who Was Kavi Kalidas?

एक विदुषी स्त्री ने एक मुर्ख पुरुष को कवि कालीदास कैसे बनाया? from www.youngisthan.in Who Was Kavi Kalidas? The Life and Times of the Poet Kalidas Kavi Kalidas was a celebrated classical Sanskrit poet, playwright, and dramatist who lived in India during the 4th century CE. He is widely regarded …

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