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Could bird flu become a pandemic?

It is a bloody trail: Avian flu has killed 15 million domestic birds and led to the culling of an unprecedented 193 million more since October 2021. The rampant virus has jumped from Europe and Asia to North America — spreading shortly afterwards to bird populations in South and Central …

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Ethiopian Orthodox Church reaches deal with three rogue bishops

The influential Ethiopian Orthodox Church said late on Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with a breakaway synod from the Oromia region following deadly violence that killed dozens and led to partial internet shutdowns. The rift threatened to bring fresh instability to Africa’s second most populous nation, just as …

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What Is The Alcohol Which Is Least Soluble In Water?

Solved 1. The Solubility Of Some Simple Alcohols In Water… from www.chegg.com What is the Alcohol Which is Least Soluble in Water? What is Alcohol? Alcohol is a chemical compound containing one or more hydroxyl groups (-OH) in its molecule. It is widely used as an ingredient in many products, …

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