How To Unlock A Locked Laptop Keyboard

How To Unlock A Locked Laptop Keyboard
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How To Unlock A Locked Laptop Keyboard

Steps To Quickly Unlock A Locked Laptop Keyboard

Has your laptop keyboard been locked? Do you want to unlock it quickly? With the right steps, you can easily unlock your laptop keyboard and get back to using your laptop as you normally would. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Restart The Computer

The first step is to restart your computer. This is the quickest and easiest way to unlock your laptop keyboard. This will reset any settings that may have been changed and thus make your laptop keyboard work again.

2. Check Your Keyboard Settings

If restarting your computer does not work, then you should check your keyboard settings. There may be an issue with your settings that is causing your laptop keyboard to be locked. You should check both the physical keyboard settings and the software settings.

3. Uninstall The Keyboard Drivers

If neither of the above steps work, then you should try uninstalling the keyboard drivers. To do this, you should go to the Device Manager and uninstall the keyboard drivers. Once you have done this, you should restart your computer and then reinstall the latest version of the keyboard drivers.

4. Replace The Keyboard

If none of the above steps have worked, then the problem may be with the physical keyboard itself. In this case, you should consider replacing the keyboard. You can buy a new keyboard or you can try to find a used keyboard. It is important to make sure that the new keyboard is compatible with your laptop.


Unlocking a locked laptop keyboard is not as difficult as it may seem. With the right steps, you can quickly get your laptop keyboard working again. Remember to restart your computer, check your keyboard settings, uninstall the keyboard drivers, and replace the keyboard if necessary.

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