What Is The Internode Between The Corolla And Androecium?

What Is The Internode Between The Corolla And Androecium?
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What is the Internode Between the Corolla and Androecium?

The corolla and androecium are two parts of a flower. The corolla is the outermost whorl of petals, while the androecium is the innermost whorl of male reproductive organs. In between these two parts of the flower is an area called the internode.

What are the Functions of the Internode?

The internode serves as a bridge between the androecium and the corolla. It provides the necessary support to the flower petals and reproductive organs. It also helps to maintain the structure of the flower and its overall shape.

Why is the Internode Important?

The internode is an important part of the flower, as it helps to hold the androecium and corolla together. Without it, the flower would be unable to maintain its structure and shape. This is why the internode is often referred to as the “link” between the two parts of the flower.

How is the Internode Different from the Sepal?

The internode is often confused with the sepal, which is the outermost whorl of protective leaves that form the calyx of the flower. While the internode bridges the androecium and the corolla, the sepal is responsible for protecting the flower from insects and other predators. The sepal also provides the flower with physical support.


The internode between the corolla and androecium of a flower is an important link that helps to maintain the overall shape and structure of the flower. It provides support to the petals and reproductive organs and is essential for proper functioning of the flower. The internode is different from the sepal, which is the outermost whorl of protective leaves.

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