[QUIZ] Your Reactions To These CNY Situations Will Determine Your Lucky Color For 2023

How do you plan to attract good fortune this Chinese New Year?

Perhaps you’re planning to deep clean your entire home and air it out to usher in positive . Or maybe you’ll eat your way to good fortune by cooking up an impressive feast that symbolizes abundance and wealth.

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According to feng shui principles, another way to attract prosperity is through use of lucky colors. Be it for your clothing or in your everyday surroundings, many believe that best way to usher in new year is by incorporating your lucky color in your everyday life.

Regardless of your lucky color, it’s important to share your good fortune with those who matter most, and that’s none other than your friends and family.

Chinese New Year is a time for celebrating with our loved ones, and that is exactly what PETRONAS wants everyone to cherish this year.

Their CNY short film, Yǐ Hé Wéi Guì (以和为贵) or The Negotiation, conveys the “Roots of Our Future” theme, meant to inspire everyone to embrace the past while we navigate our future.

The short film narrates the tale of the inhabitants of Jalan Singgah Dulu, as they spend their running a row of good old-fashioned shops with unmistakable Malaysian charm.

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However, everything changes when a stranger in a suit comes by on the eve of Chinese New Year, and delivers an eviction notice! Will our heroes be able to convince the eviction officer to help save their history, heritage, and home?

Through the festive short film, it conveys the message that our Malaysian roots, when nurtured, can prosper to stand the test of time.

No matter how tough or bleak the situation is, we can band together and overcome any obstacles we face in this lifetime.That’s why we must never lose sight of who we are and where we came from, as we move forward and coexist harmoniously and peacefully.

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