Tracing The Events That Led To The Fall Of Bastille

Tracing The Events That Led To The Fall Of Bastille
Storming of the Bastille by Parisians led by the Grenadier Guards 14 from

Tracing the Events that Led to the Fall of Bastille

The Background

The Bastille was a fortress in Paris that served as a prison during the reign of Louis XVI of . It was considered to be a symbol of absolute monarchy, and of the French people’s subjugation to their king. It was also a symbol of the French Revolution, as it was stormed by the people in 1789.

The Causes of the French Revolution

The French Revolution was caused by a number of factors. These included the oppressive rule of Louis XVI, the rising cost of bread, the lack of political representation, and the unfair taxation system. All of these factors contributed to a sense of discontent among the people, which eventually sparked the revolution.

The King’s Unpopular Policies

Louis XVI was an unpopular king. He had attempted to reform the government, but his plans were rejected by the nobility. As a result, he was unable to make any meaningful changes to the government. This only served to further alienate the people from the monarchy.

The Cost of Bread

The rising cost of bread was another factor that contributed to the discontent of the people. Bread was the staple food for most people, and its increasing price only made their lives harder. This led to widespread unrest, and added to the pressure for reform.

The Lack of Political Representation

The lack of political representation was also a major factor in the revolution. The people had no real say in how the government was run, and they were increasingly frustrated by this. This led to a growing sense of discontent, and a feeling that something had to change.

The Storming of the Bastille

On July 14th, 1789, a group of revolutionaries stormed the Bastille. This event is seen as a symbol of the French Revolution, and the beginning of the end of the monarchy. It was the first major event of the revolution, and marked the beginning of the end of the absolute monarchy.

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