Twitter will now remember your tab preference on Android and iOS

When Twitter introduced its curated at the start of this year, the feature shipped with an oversight. If you closed the Twitter app or web client after switching to the platform’s reverse chronological “Following” timeline, both would default back to the For You feed after you came back.

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At the , Twitter took an initial step to address that oversight, tweaking the web client to remember the tab you left off at before closing your tabs. At the time, the company said a similar fix was “coming soon” for Android and iOS. That fix is now available.

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Today’s change won’t bring back Twitter’s old “twinkle” button, but it does let you stick to your preferred timeline. And if you primarily use Twitter to follow real-world events, it should make it easier to use the app for that purpose. Notably, the change to Twitter’s interface coincides with the company’s recent decision to . That move led to apps like , leaving the official client the only way to access Twitter.

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