Gamers are no strangers to delayed seasons, but The Division 2 players are in a particularly awkward situation. Ubisoft has revealed that a development “error” has broken shared-world shooter’s build generation system, and thus studio’s ability to update game.

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The team not only can’t introduce the new season it delayed last week, but can’t extend the outgoing one until it repairs the build functionality.

Ubisoft says it has made “good progress” in fixing the issue in recent days, and there are hints a solution is in sight. The company is in the midst of a three-hour “unscheduled maintenance” session as we write this, and it’s using the downtime to fix problems that include an inability to make seasonal in-game purchases. The servers should be back online around 1PM Eastern if there are no complications.

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The timing is particularly bad for this issue. Ubisoft recently cancelled three games in response to sinking revenue, and workers at its Paris studio went on strike last month to protest what they say are unfair working conditions.

Picture of an SHD agent taking cover in The Division 2
Things aren’t going smoothly at the publisher, and it may be a while before there’s a degree of stability.