What Attracted European Trading Companies To India?

What Attracted European Trading Companies To India?
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What Attracted European Trading Companies To India?

The Indian Subcontinent: A Rich, Diverse and Growing Market

The Indian Subcontinent, with its huge population and vast array of resources, has always been an attractive destination for merchants, traders, and explorers. India has a rich cultural, political, and economic heritage that has made it one of the most sought-after destinations for trading. Since the early 1600s, European trading companies have been drawn to India, seeking to tap into the lucrative markets and resources of this vast region.

Globalization and Trade Agreements Open Up India’s Markets

The advent of globalization and the opening up of India’s markets to the world have further increased the appeal of India for traders. Trade agreements have been signed between the European Union and India, allowing for increased access to Indian markets for European companies. This has made it easier for companies to enter the Indian market and take advantage of the vast potential that India offers.

The Growing Indian Economy

The Indian economy has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years, with GDP growth rates of around 8% in recent years. This has made India an attractive destination for foreign investors and businesses, as the country’s economy offers a wealth of opportunities. The growth of the Indian economy has also opened up the market for foreign companies to tap into, as they can take advantage of the large and growing consumer base.

Low Cost of Doing Business

The cost of doing business in India is significantly lower than in most other countries. This has made India one of the most attractive countries for businesses to set up shop in, as they can take advantage of the lower costs associated with operating in India. This has been a major draw for European companies, as they can set up operations in India for a fraction of the cost of doing so in their home countries.


The Indian Subcontinent has long been an attractive destination for traders and investors, and the opening up of India’s markets to the world has made it even more attractive. The growing economy, low costs of doing business, and the numerous trade agreements with the European Union have all been major draws for European trading companies. As India continues to grow and develop, it is likely that more and more European companies will continue to be attracted to the country.

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