What Makes An Election Democratic?

What Makes An Election Democratic?
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What Makes an Election Democratic?

The Right to Vote

The most basic and fundamental element of any democratic election is the right to vote. Every citizen of a democracy should have the right to elect their leaders and representatives, and to express their opinions through the ballot box. Without this basic right, an election is not considered democratic.

Fair and Open Elections

For an election to be considered democratic, it must also be fair and open. This means that all citizens have the right to vote without fear of retribution, and that all votes are counted fairly and accurately. It also means that the election process itself must be open and transparent, allowing for public scrutiny and oversight.

Competition and Diversity

Another important element of a democratic election is the presence of competition and diversity. All candidates should have an equal opportunity to compete for the votes of citizens, and a wide range of opinions should be represented in the election. This is a key component of a healthy democratic system, as it allows citizens to make an informed choice about who should lead their country.

Accountability and Transparency

Finally, a democratic election should have a system of accountability and transparency. All candidates should be held accountable for their promises and actions, and the entire process should be open and transparent. This ensures that citizens can trust their elected officials and have faith in the election process.


A democratic election is one in which all citizens have the right to vote, the process is open and fair, competition and diversity are represented, and accountability and transparency are upheld. These elements ensure that the will of the people is represented and that their voices are heard.

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